Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes

1-hour weekly classes

$50 per month

$35 Annual Membership Fee

Maximum of 8 students per class


“Tumble Cubs” (up to age 6)

The only prerequisite is to be potty trained.  This class focuses on learning the basics and creating muscle memory

Skills taught- forward and backward rolls, handstands, bridges, cartwheels


“Wanna Learn” (ages 6 and older)

Prerequisites: there are no prerequisites; this class focuses on learning tumbling basics and creating muscle memory

Skills taught: forward and backward roll, cartwheel, round-off, back-bend kick-over, and back walk-over


“Flipped Out”

Prerequisites: cartwheel, round-off, back walk-over

Skills taught: standing backhandspring, round-off backhandspring


“Shoot for 3”

Prerequisites: standing backhandspring, round-off backhandspring

Skills taught: standing series of backhandsprings and round-off series of backhandsprings (3 connected back handsprings)


“Look Mom, No Hands!”

Prerequisites: standing series and round-off series (3 connected backhandsprings)

Skills taught: standing series to back tuck, round off series to back tuck, standing back tuck, backhandspring back tuck


“Stiff as a Board”

Prerequisites: standing series to tuck, round-off series to tuck, standing tuck

Skills taught: round-off backhandspring layout, standing series to layout, jumps to standing tuck


“Get It Twisted”

Prerequisites: standing series to layout, round-off backhandspring layout

Skills taught: round-off backhandspring full, standing series to full


“Super Jags”

Prerequisites: round-off backhandspring full, standing series to full

Skills taught: specialty to full, double full, standing full, specialty to double, etc.